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E-3120, E-4660 & X Series Products and Upgrades

Wind Turbine Products and Upgrades

In 2018 Endurance Wind Power went bankrupt in the face of unsustainable warranty claims. This was due to the many issues with the E-3120 turbine in particular.

DC21 has developed solutions for these issues and now operates out of a dedicated wind turbine refurbishment facility in Huddersfield. From here we can offer our customers cost effective solutions to keep their turbine operational.

The E-3120 suffers from these main problems:

  1. Bedplate cracking
  2. Spring tube failure
  3. Low speed shaft cracking
  4. Hub wear
  5. Hub slip

In addition, many other parts wear out in the normal course of service. Whilst not as catastrophic as the main items above, they can lead to turbine downtime and unexpected repair cost.

DC21 has worked with several specialists, to offer modest upgrades to these parts too.

DC21 Turbine Products & Upgrades

Cost Effective Solution

E-3120 Turbine Repairs

DC21 has developed solutions for the main problems the E-3120 suffers from such as, low speed shaft failure, bedplate cracking, hub wear, spring tube failure and more.

Cost Effective Solution

E-4660 Turbine Repairs

DC21 can repair the key parts of the Endurance E-4660 wind turbine including the Serenity Wind spring tube upgrade.

Fast & Easy Installation

X Series Turbine Repairs

DC21 can effectively repair and upgrade issues found on the Endurance X Series turbine.

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