Turbine Raised on Garthorpe Farm

Turbine Raised on Garthorpe Farm

“The turbine is great and is saving us money. We are very pleased with the company that installed it and we are considering putting another one up”

Manager, Garthorpe Farm

DC21 have successfully completed the installation of a wind turbine on a farm in Garthorpe despite the farm being situated on unstable ground.

The farm is owned by the Garthorope Farming Company (GFC), an arable farm that grows peas for Birdseye. The farmer saw the potential to be able to make savings from his energy bills from the wind conditions on his land and sought DC21 for their help.

When DC21 were carrying out their surveys they concluded that a wind turbine would make significant reductions to the companies energy bills, however the land in question would not be suitable for an ordinary turbine installation procedure. To overcome this obstacle DC21 employed a piled foundation to 10m depth. This was successfully achieved without any impact upon the project delivery time.

Garthorpe Farming Company are now enjoying reduced savings upon their energy bills.

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