Round Ings Hall Farm, Outlane, Huddersfield

Round Ings Hall Farm, Outlane, Huddersfield

“I always thought our farm would be a good location for a wind turbine, the wind always seems to blowing up there, but didn’t really want the cost and risk of developing the site or running the turbine. DC21 enabled me to access the benefits of having a wind turbine on the farm without any of the hassle. The field where the turbine has been built has our training circuit for the horses, I thought we might need to introduce the horses gradually, but not one has been bothered by the turbine. A couple of our Shetland ponies like to shelter from the wind and rain right under the turbine.”

Melvyn Eastwood, Round Ings Hall Farm

Round Ings Hall Farm is a Trotting Stable and Beef Cattle Farm on the Pennine Hills near Huddersfield. DC21 developed the wind turbine project in 2011 following discussions with the farm owner Melvyn Eastwood.

DC21 carried all of the project development risk, and following planning approval in September 2011 the turbine was commissioned in December that year. Melvyn now enjoys a healthy rent payment and cheap electricity for use on the farm.

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