Endurance E-3120 Bedplate Repair

Endurance E-3120 Wind Turbine Bedplate Crack Repair - Example of a Typical Bedplate Stress Crack
1. Example of typical bedplate stress crack seen on an Endurance E-3120.

E-3120 bedplates are prone to cracking due to highly localised stresses in the welds in a few small areas of the bedplate.

Left unchecked the cracks will ultimately grow and render the bedplate unserviceable. Many of our competitors offer welding and plating services to extend the bedplate life but, this preventative measure will often only buy a short period of time before other repairs are required.

The only other option offered by many as a long-term solution is a completely new bedplate. This can prove expensive and may mean that your turbine is out of operation for several weeks.

Alternative to E-3120 Bedplate Replacement

However, DC21 can provide an alternative to replacing the bedplate. We are proud to have invested considerable time and financial investment in developing a solution based on “light-weighting” technology, first seen in the aerospace and automotive industry. Such technology was originally used to lower the mass of components whilst ensuring no impact on their efficiency.

DC21 has devised a system to reinforce the steel structure of the bedplate by effectively bonding carbon fibre parts to it. Using this technique, performance of E-3120 bedplates has been so enhanced that peak stresses seen are reduced by 77%.

We can, therefore, deliver a reinforced bedplate at a fraction of the cost of a new one.

DC21 are UK experts, providing high-quality, technologically advanced repairs, upgrades, and maintenance for Endurance E-3120 Wind Turbines.

E-3120 Products, Upgrades & Repairs

Cost Effective Solution

E-3120 Low speed shaft (LSS)

DC21 can offer a new LSS that has been designed and manufactured in the UK. The design has several key features.

Cost Effective Solution

E-3120 Bedplate

DC21 can provide an alternative to replacing the bedplate by delivering a reinforced bedplate at a fraction of the cost of a new bedplate.

Fast & Easy Installation

E-3120 Hub refurbishment

DC21 can provide complete refurbishment of the E-3120 hub, our hub removal tooling means there is very little risk of having to purchase a new hub.

Minimum of Disruption

Spring tubes

DC21 are pleased to offer the Serenity Wind spring tube upgrade with all E-3120 and E-4660 models. These spring tubes come with a 5 year insurance backed limited warranty.

A Permanent Solution

E-3120 oil filtration

DC21 can offer a complete oil filtration retrofit for those E-3120s that did not benefit from oil filtration from new. Our kits come with the all important oil level switch system to protect the gearbox in the event of loss of oil.

A Permanent Solution

E-3120 Reaction Arm

DC21 have worked with Nordlock to develop the Reaction Arm Expander pin for the E-3120.

A Permanent Solution

E-3120 Gearbox Repair

Fast, efficient and cost effective E-3120 gearbox overhaul and repair from DC21. We hold complete gear sets in stock to enable a rapid repair

A Permanent Solution

E-3120 Brake Upgrade

New wind turbine braking system for the Endurance E-series that will reduce the strains placed on the turbine compared to the original braking system.

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