Wind Turbine Overhaul

Wind Turbine Overhaul

Most E Series turbines will need some major overhaul work once they have been operating more than 7 – 10 years. Rather than carrying out the repairs piecemeal, it is often more cost effective to bring the nacelle to our workshop for a complete overhaul.

There are several major components known to develop defects, indeed, these often prompt the decision for a full overhaul. In addition, many smaller but awkward/time consuming to replace up-tower parts, will also be showing signs of wear.

Our Turbine Overhaul Procedure

For a complete overhaul, DC21 will provide you with a budget cost based on the expected work and a comprehensive price list for many other components.

After we have stripped down your turbine we will provide a report that recommends any additional work and replacement of parts.

Endurance Wind Turbine Upgrade Video

Video Endurance E-3120 Wind Turbine Upgrade

DC21’s team of Endurance wind turbine specialists reinstall an E-3120 after its complete overhaul and upgrade service at our Refit Centre in Slaithwaite, Huddersfield.

Here are some examples of the works undertaken during nacelle overhaul:

  • Low speed shaft assembly upgrade
  • Bedplate reinforcement
  • Hub refurbishment
  • Main gearbox overhaul and repair (see picture 1.)
  • Generator overhaul
  • Yaw pinion replacement (see picture 2.)
  • Reaction arm bushing and upgrade
  • Door catches and antivibration mounts (see pictures 3 & 4.)
  • Fibreglass repairs
  • Pneumatic system overhaul
  • Brake caliper/bracket overhaul
  • Painting
Damaged Turbine Gear
1. Damaged Turbine Gear.

Yaw Pinion Replacement
2. Yaw Pinion Replacement.

Antivibration Mounts
3. Antivibration Mounts.

Turbine Door Catch
4. Door Catch.

Our Workshop

Our facility is fully equipped to carry out necessary works for a quick turn around. In particular, we have invested in the design and manufacture of specialist tooling necessary for hub and shaft removal. This tooling has meant that we have never damaged the hub of an E Series turbine (E-3120 and E-4660) during the removal process, due to the specially designed and manufactured tools developed by DC21.

This has enabled DC21 to save our customers thousands of pounds with the re-use of hubs and low speed shafts.

We can also transport your nacelle using a specially designed trailer (nationwide), this removes the need to use expensive Heavy Goods Vehicle (HGV) haulage.

Please see the other services we have available below:

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DC21 offer both scheduled (typically every 5,000 rotational hours) and unscheduled (an activated alarm or condition that is developing) maintenance packages for your turbine.

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In the event of a turbine shutdown, DC21 will inform the customer of the occurrence and provide the options available to get the turbine back into service quickly.

Minimum of Disruption

Turbine Overhaul

DC21 can overhaul your turbine with the minimum of fuss and disruption using our tried and tested methods.

A Permanent Solution

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DC21 can offer both condition monitoring and remote monitoring & control systems for Endurance turbines.

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