X Series Turbine Repairs and Upgrades

X Series Wind Turbine - Repairs and Upgrades

The X Series turbines were Endurance’s last development prior to going out of business.

The turbines were developed based on the 225kW Norwin turbine. The turbines ranged from the X-29 designed for high wind speed sites, to the X-35 for lower wind speed sites, and a reduced power output X-35Q for noise sensitive sites.

X Series Gearboxes

Unfortunately, the gearboxes used in all the X Series turbines were flawed and most if not all X Series have required major gearboxes repairs.

DC21 are pleased to be able to offer a range of solutions for repairing the X Series gearboxes.

X-Series Products, Upgrades & Repairs

Cost Effective Solution

X-35 blade bolts

DC21 can offer testing of the extender bolts and preventative maintenance.

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