Sell Your Wind Turbine

Sell Your WEind Turbine To DC21

Would you like to avoid the yearly costs and financial risks connected with your wind turbine?

DC21 was the first company in the UK to have developed an Endurance turbine on rented land.

Unlike many of our competitors, you would be selling your turbine to the shareholders of DC21, not a third-party private investor.

This means that you will be dealing directly with a company that already owns and maintains these turbines. Please contact us for a free assessment.

The way it works

By selling your turbine to DC21 you can release capital and still retain an annual income whilst benefitting from a low tariff energy supply. Regardless of the condition of the turbine, we will make you an offer based on its earning potential and any work that is required.

Key Advantages

  • A risk-free income from the turbine.
  • Avoid responsibility for future repair costs.
  • Benefit from low-cost green electricity.
  • DC21 a trusted repair, maintenance, and upgrade provider.

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If you would like to discuss in more detail:

Contact a member of the DC21 team on: T: +44 (0) 1484 702702 or E:

Enquire About Selling Your Turbine

Please don't hesitate to contact us for a free assessment and inspection of your turbine or for more details on the purchase scheme.

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