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Wind Turbine Monitoring - WiSE WindSync for Endurance

Our dedicated team constantly monitor the fleet of turbines within normal 8.30am-5pm office working hours; any issues that occur are investigated and reacted to within 30 minutes of the remote monitoring system alarm.

Where a problem can be fixed remotely our technicians will often have your turbine back in service before you have noticed it is shut down.

Out of Hours Monitoring

Our technicians also closely monitor the fleet out of office hours. In the event of a shutdown or technical issue, our technicians will rectify this remotely or contact you providing the options available to attend site in order to get the turbine back into service.

Our service also includes regular checks on critical systems such as the turbine brakes.

It is crucial to ensure your brakes are in a suitable condition to apply the correct torque whenever a brake event occurs.

WindSync for Endurance (WiSE)

Long before Endurance went bankrupt DC21 had already begun working with Visual Wind to develop an alternative to the unreliable Endurance remote monitoring system. With Endurance’s demise came great uncertainty over the future of the Endurance platform, ability to control the turbines, and who might have access.

DC21 migrated its entire fleet to WindSync within 6 weeks of Endurance going bankrupt.

WindSync delivers a fully independent remote monitoring and control system for Endurance turbines. WindSync provides all owners of E Series wind turbines with a robust and fully featured alternative to ERIC, previously operated by Endurance Windpower.

100% Control

WiSE has been developed to allow turbines to be monitored, controlled and operated completely independently of any third parties. WiSE has 100% of the control features for the E-series turbines, including manual mode, smart idle and locking.

Wise is operated via an SSL Virtual Private Network (VPN) offering increased reliability and uptime.

Key benefits and advantages of WiSE:

  • Puts complete control in the hands of the turbine owner
  • Live data direct from turbines
  • Compatible with desktop, tablet and mobile devices
  • Enhanced data analysis provides visual power curve
  • Other features such as downtime analysis
  • Brings big wind analytics to the small wind market
  • Transparency of turbine performance and reliability

Condition Monitoring

The Endurance turbines are relatively “poor” when it comes to monitoring the health of the turbine. DC21 is pleased to be able to offer a state-of-the-art Machine Health Assessment System (MHAS) from Turner-ICENI.

MHAS integrates with WindSync to provide a comprehensive view of the health of the turbine. This can give an early warning for developing issues and permits intervention ahead of turbine shut down. This can enable preventative measures to be taken, reducing downtime and minimising repair costs.

Please see the other services we have available below:

Our Turbine Services

Cost Effective Solution

Turbine Maintenance

DC21 offer both scheduled (typically every 5,000 rotational hours) and unscheduled (an activated alarm or condition that is developing) maintenance packages for your turbine.

Fast & Easy Installation

Turbine Breakdown

In the event of a turbine shutdown, DC21 will inform the customer of the occurrence and provide the options available to get the turbine back into service quickly.

Minimum of Disruption

Turbine Overhaul

DC21 can overhaul your turbine with the minimum of fuss and disruption using our tried and tested methods.

A Permanent Solution

Turbine Monitoring

DC21 can offer both condition monitoring and remote monitoring & control systems for Endurance turbines.

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