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Wind Turbine Maintenance, Upgrade and Repair

Wind Turbine
DC21 was founded in 2009. The Business was initially formed to provide sustainable, innovative, low carbon and energy saving design solutions for commercial/industrial buildings.

In 2011 when the Government introduced the Feed-in-Tariff, DC21 became an Authorised Endurance Wind Power Distributor. To date DC21 now owns and operates a fleet of 18, E-Series turbines and is responsible for the operation and maintenance of over 100 turbines throughout the UK. Our fleet is continually growing due to the high quality of service provided and impressive understanding of the E3120 and E4660 turbine.

Specialists in the operation, maintenance, repair, and improvements of Endurance E series wind turbines

DC21 offers bespoke operation and maintenance packages for Endurance turbine owners, the company takes pride in working closely with clients to provide tailor-made solutions to meet their site specific requirements, enabling the most cost-effective solution to be utilised.

As turbine owners DC21 understand the importance of quality, cost effective, preventative maintenance in order to reduce turbine downtime increasing the return on your investment.

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