Wind Turbine Maintenance, Upgrade and Repair

Specialists in the operation, maintenance, repair, and improvements to Endurance E Series and X Series wind turbines

DC21 provide maintenance and refurbishment services for the Endurance range of wind turbines. We pride ourselves in having developed a very strong technical knowledge of the Endurance turbines.

NEW! Braking System for Endurance E-3120 Turbines

DC21 has finalised the development of the new upgraded braking system for the Endurance E-3120 wind turbine.

Following the unfortunate collapse of Endurance, many owners have been left without support and the financial risk of repairs and/or upgrades.

Our Turbine Services

Cost Effective Solution

Turbine Maintenance

DC21 offer both scheduled (typically every 5,000 rotational hours) and unscheduled (an activated alarm or condition that is developing) maintenance packages for your turbine.

Fast & Easy Installation

Turbine Breakdown

In the event of a turbine shutdown, DC21 will inform the customer of the occurrence and provide the options available to get the turbine back into service quickly.

Minimum of Disruption

Turbine Overhaul

DC21 can overhaul your turbine with the minimum of fuss and disruption using our tried and tested methods.

A Permanent Solution

Turbine Monitoring

DC21 can offer both condition monitoring and remote monitoring & control systems for Endurance turbines.

DC21 Turbine Products & Upgrades

Cost Effective Solution

E-3120 Turbine Repairs

DC21 has developed solutions for the main problems the E-3120 suffers from such as, low speed shaft failure, bedplate cracking, hub wear, spring tube failure and more.

Cost Effective Solution

E-4660 Turbine Repairs

DC21 can repair the key parts of the Endurance E-4660 wind turbine including the Serenity Wind spring tube upgrade.

Fast & Easy Installation

X Series Turbine Repairs

DC21 can effectively repair and upgrade issues found on the Endurance X Series turbine.

We can fix your Endurance Wind Turbine

Endurance went bankrupt in the face of unsustainable warranty claims, predominantly due to the many issues with the E-3120 turbine. However, DC21’s many years’ experience as wind turbine specialists and owners of Endurance turbines means that we can provide customers with cost-effective solutions to keep their turbines operational.

Committed to High Quality Turbine Maintenance

Endurance Wind TurbineDC21 have been looking after Endurance turbines since 2011 and are the only original UK mainland dealer that hasn’t gone out of business or been sold on.

Here at DC21, we are responsible for the operation and maintenance of over 100 turbines throughout the UK.

Our fleet is continually growing due to the high quality of service provided and impressive understanding of the E3120 turbine

Endurance Wind Turbine Upgrade Video

Video Endurance E-3120 Wind Turbine Upgrade

After a full overhaul and upgrade service in our refit centre, watch this Endurance E-3120 wind turbine being reinstalled on-site. It is often more cost-effective to bring a nacelle in for a complete overhaul than trying to do repairs piecemeal up-tower.

We are E-3120 owners too

DC21 has 12 wind turbines and, as turbine owners operating out of a dedicated wind turbine refurbishment facility in Huddersfield, we can provide you with top-quality, cost effective, preventative maintenance to reduce turbine downtime. Therefore, increasing the return on your investment.

Why Choose DC21?

  • Credibility - We have been looking after Endurance turbines since 2011
  • Specialised Solutions - We have a dedicated wind turbine refurbishment facility
  • Experience - Responsible for the operation and maintenance of over 100 turbines throughout the UK
  • Knowledge - We own and operate numerous Endurance turbines
  • Reputable - The only original UK mainland dealer that hasn’t gone out of business or been sold on

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