New Turbine Upgrade Facility for DC21

March 17, 2021

DC21's New Wind Turbine Overhaul & Upgrade Facility in Huddersfield West YorkshireWe are pleased to announce that the DC21 team have now moved to a new turbine upgrade facility located in Slaithwaite, Huddersfield.

This new location allows for future growth, offering 3,500 ft² of workshop space and 2,000 ft² of secure storage space which is dedicated to Endurance wind turbine overhauls and spare parts. The offices house the management and technical support team.

The facility will also store refurbished and new E-3120 turbine blades that will be arriving in the next couple of months directly from the factory.

The key tools for efficient overhaul of the E-series turbines include:

  • Overhead gantry crane.
  • High-capacity forklift truck.
  • Hydraulic hub removal tooling.
  • Hydraulic tools for removing shafts from gearboxes.
  • Bearing heaters; and more.

Turbine Haulage Investment

Turbine Nacelle Trailer
1. Turbine Nacelle Trailer.

We invested in the design of a bespoke trailer that allows us to efficiently transport E-3120 nacelles legally and fully insured (nationwide). Due to weight constraints (max laden trailer weight of 3,500kg) we needed a trailer that weighed less than 500kg. After speaking with several manufacturers, we agreed on the design and ordered the trailer.

This has been a very valuable asset for DC21, and the trailer has transported dozens of turbines to and from site. Transport cost savings have been passed on to our customers.

Another key advantage of investing in this trailer is the ability to access sites (using a tractor) where a heavy goods vehicle (HGV) could not. This means we can avoid the costs associated with double handling of a turbine from HGV to tractor and flatbed trailer.

Turbine Overhauls

DC21's Turbine Upgrade Facility
2. DC21’s Turbine Upgrade Facility.

Overall, the right investment in the right equipment ensures that overhauls go smoothly and key turbine components, such as hubs can be refurbished and re-used efficiently.

Matthew Tidmarsh, General Manager said: “We recognised in 2019 that many E Series turbines were going to need overhauls in the near future. It was important for us to improve our facilities so that we could look after both our customers and our own turbines. We were not happy with any of the available outsourcing options, therefore, we looked for a facility where we could carry out overhauls with direct control. The move to Slaithwaite has given us an excellent base to operate from, and we are already expanding capacity to meet the growing demand for turbine overhauls”

Location Accessibility

Our location gives us access to several local engineering companies that specialise in providing services such as gearbox rebuilds, component machining, and generator rewinds. Having them on our doorstep keeps transport costs low and response times short.

The refurbishment facility has the capacity to complete over 60 turbines per year and we have already completed the first 10 overhauls, there are 6 in progress and many more scheduled for the year ahead.

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