E-4660 Gearbox & Reaction Arm

Endurance E-4660 Gearbox and Reaction Arm

To address the recurring issues around reaction arm failures on the E-4660 we have redesigned the reaction arm attachment to the bedplate.

This design prevents the reaction pin coming loose and in addition prevents the reaction arm twisting and undoing the bracket bolts.

We have also incorporated a secondary safety attachment to restrain the gearbox in the event of reaction arm failure.

E-4660 Products, Upgrades & Repairs

Minimum of Disruption

Spring tubes

DC21 are pleased to offer the Serenity Wind spring tube upgrade with all E-3120 and E-4660 models. These spring tubes come with a 5 year insurance backed limited warranty.

Cost Effective Solution

E-4660 Gearbox & Reaction Arm

DC21 has redesigned the reaction arm attachment to the bedplate.

Cost Effective Solution

E-4660 Flex Coupling Upgrade

An upgraded coupling that is designed to prevent secondary damage in the event of flex plate failure.

Cost Effective Solution

E-4660 Hub Arm Repair

Replaceable bush for the E-4660 hub arm.

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