DC21 Powering Ahead With Turbine Solution to the Endurance Shut Down Problem

November 21, 2016

Endurance Wind Turbine Shut DownIndependent Endurance wind turbine specialists DC21 has reacted pro-actively to the news that Endurance Wind Power ceased operations recently.

The nationwide firm, based in Huddersfield, West Yorkshire has been developing their own specialised service for turbine owners over the last 12 months, and are in pole position to assist Endurance customers with what they need to do now.

The government has aggressively changed the support mechanism for wind turbines and that has resulted in a large down turn in new projects. 2016 also saw an increasing number of Endurance turbines coming out of their manufacturer’s warranty.

“Thanks to reacting positively to the changes put on us last year and preparing for Endurance turbines coming out of warranty, we’re still here. We are already in a position to help, assist, advise and work with turbine owners, to give them a high level of service and answers to the many questions they must have” said Matthew Tidmarsh, General Manager for DC21. “With Endurance turbines coming out of warranty we wanted to give customers choices, a good service, and most importantly value for money. With Endurance ceasing operations there are now many more Endurance turbine owners that can benefit from our services.”

Matthew added “We know that a group of approved Authorised Service Providers are currently considering what contingency plans can be put in place for customers affected by the liquidation of Endurance, and we’re obviously interested to hear what their plans will be.”

DC21 has an Endurance trained service and maintenance team that are nationally based throughout the UK, providing rapid responses to turbine shutdowns to minimise turbine downtime.

“By being proactive to the changes, it allows us to immediately step in to the gap that has been left by the demise of Endurance” said Matthew. “We are not part of the regionally based Authorised Service Providers that have been selected by Endurance from their authorised distributors list; however, we have been looking after Endurance turbines since 2011 and are one step ahead of everyone else. We have a very high technical knowledge for the Endurance turbines, and we pride ourselves on our expertise. We have always looked after our customers and ensured Endurance lived up to their warranty commitments, that’s probably why DC21 didn’t get invited to the ASP party.”

“Our very satisfied customer base reflects this. We currently oversee 100 turbines in the UK, and our fleet is continually growing due to our high level of service provided at a cost effective rate” he added.

DC21 invite you to contact them to discuss your next steps on +44 (0) 1484 600099, or email them on info@dc21group.com

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