Reaction: Endurance Wind Power Fall in to Administration

December 5, 2016

DC21 Endurance Wind TurbinesDC21 can confirm that, Endurance Wind Power (UK) has now gone into administration following the collapse of its Canadian parent company.

Grant Thornton has been appointed administrator of Endurance Wind Power (UK) Limited and Endurance Energy Mftg (UK) Limited, both companies filed for bankruptcy on 1 November with debts said to be in the region of 17m Canadian Dollars.

“We announced that Endurance Wind Power had ceased trading a couple of weeks ago, and we wish all the best to those employees who face losing their jobs” said Matthew Tidmarsh of DC21. “We believe that failure to react to the cuts and aggressive changes by the government to the support mechanism for wind turbines was the main factor for the company’s downfall.”

DC21 reacted positively to the changes implemented on the industry last year; and are in an immediate position to help, assist, advise and work with turbine owners, to give them a high level of service and answers to the many questions they will now have.

“With Endurance turbines coming out of warranty we wanted to give customers choice, a good service, and most importantly value for money” said Matthew. “With Endurance ceasing operations there are now many more Endurance turbine owners that can benefit from our services. We’ve adapted over the last year, and we’re still here. We can immediately step in to the gap that has been left by the demise of Endurance.”

DC21 invites Endurance Wind Turbine owners to contact them to discuss their issues and concerns about their turbines, and are ready to offer first class advice as to what options are now.

“We have a very satisfied customer base” Mr Tidmash said. “We currently oversee 100 turbines in the UK, and our fleet is continually growing due to our high level of service provided at a cost effective rate”

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