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Remote Monitoring / Technical Support

Our dedicated team constantly monitor the fleet of turbines within normal 8.30am-5pm office working hours; any issues that occur are investigated and reacted to within 30 minutes of the remote monitoring system alarm. Where a problem can be fixed remotely our technicians will often have your turbine back in service before you have noticed it is shut down.

Our technicians also closely monitor the fleet out of office hours. In the event of a shutdown or technical issue, our technicians will rectify this remotely or contact you providing the options available to attend site in order to get the turbine back into service.

Our service also includes regular checks on critical systems such as the turbine brakes; this crucial is to ensure your brakes are in a suitable condition to apply the correct torque in the event of a brake event.


DC21 has worked with Visual Wind in Sheffield to develop a bespoke remote monitoring platform, Wind Sync for Endurance (WiSE). WiSE is completely independent of the historic Endurance ERIC system and offers a number of advantages. To understand more about what WISE can offer, click here.

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