‘Egg-citing’ Endurance Wind Turbine Full Overhaul

October 26, 2023

Endurance Wind Turbine Full Overhaul - Elliotts Eggs FarmSorry, sorry, but we couldn’t pass up an article title such as that, could we?! We also considered including ‘eggsellent’, to be fair. Read on to find out why in the article below – we hope it meets your eggspectations. (We’ll stop now).

Elliotts Egg Farm

Tom Elliott and his Wife Ell
1. Tom Elliott and his Wife Ell

Elliotts Egg Farm, in Bewholme, East Yorkshire, uses a lot of electricity to run its BRC-approved egg packing station.

The packing station is vital to their business, for this is where they sort, inspect, and package eggs for distribution and sale.

With self-sufficiency and sustainability high on their list of obtainable goals, Elliotts installed both solar panels and an Endurance wind turbine to provide energy for the packing stations.

Major Endurance Wind Turbine Overhaul Required

Endurance Wind Turbine - Elliotts Eggs
2. Endurance Wind Turbine

The farm’s wind turbine had been regularly serviced over the years by a wind turbine maintenance company. However, when Tom Elliott, Poultry and Sales Director, realised that a major overhaul was necessary, he decided to contact DC21 for an alternative quote.

“We’ve always used another wind turbine maintenance crew to look after our turbine on the farm,” said Tom, “but after reading about the competitive E-3120 overhaul packages DC21 could provide for farmers and others with Endurance turbines, I decided to step outside of my comfort zone and try DC21. The knowledge Matthew Tidmarsh (General Manager) had of the Endurance E-3120 wind turbine, and the cost-effective services he could provide was very impressive.”

The turbine nacelle was brought to our dedicated wind turbine overhaul facility in Slaithwaite. Here the turbine received the complete DC21 low speed shaft, chassis, and hub overhaul package. In addition, several other areas on the turbine needed attention.

We were also happy to realise that this overhaul was the 50th carried out by DC21 in the 14 years we have been providing services for the operation & management (O&M) and administration of Endurance wind turbines.

High Speed Shaft Repairs

Matthew and his team at DC21 rapidly set to work on Elliotts’ turbine, firstly repairing a leak from the high speed shaft on the main gearbox. The high-speed seal was replaced, and a thin, stainless steel repair sleeve was fitted, as there was a clear wear groove on the high-speed shaft.

Turbine Generator Exchange

Next, the generator was exchanged. The generator is a critical component within the Endurance nacelle, with the primary function of converting mechanical energy from the rotating blades into electrical energy. Exchanging the generator also meant reduced downtime during the overhaul.

The exchange service includes a comprehensive steam clean, stoving, baker testing, new bearings and seals, and revarnishing of the windings.

PPU overhaul

As part of the overhaul the pneumatic cabinet, which can be the source of problematic air leaks, was given a thorough overhaul and upgraded to the latest solutions.

Reaction Arm Movement

A new bushing and Expander/Nordlock upgrade were also recommended as there was significant reaction arm movement. The reaction arm supports the gearbox, connecting it to the chassis. Excessive movement in the reaction arm can lead to premature flex plate failure on the connection between the gearbox and the generator.

Galvanised Brackets

All removable brackets on the turbine were galvanized to promote a longer lifespan.

Galvanizing brackets with zinc increase their longevity, providing excellent corrosion and rust protection, critical for the harsh weather conditions wind turbines endure on farms and other environments.

Replacing the Yaw Bearing to Frame Bolts

The inner race of the yaw bearing/ring (a large circular bearing that sits between the nacelle and the tower and allows the nacelle to rotate horizontally around the tower) directly contacts and supports the rotating nacelle. Upon inspection, DC21’s specialist engineers realised that the bolts holding the yaw ring to the nacelle were badly corroded and needed replacing.

Collection of 3 Blades and Repair and upgrade

Lastly, a repair that had been carried out previous to DC21’s overhaul of Elliotts’ Endurance wind turbine resulted in a crack to a blade. We repaired the crack, overhauled the blade holders, and fitted new spring tubes. The blades were thoroughly cleaned and finally balanced to ensure a smoothly running turbine.

Perfect Engineering

Tom Elliott told us, “I am really happy to say that we received a brilliant service from DC21, along with great communications from the team. Even when the Endurance turbine was new, it had never sounded so quiet. Previously you could always hear the ‘whoop whoop’ of the blades but now it’s barely noticeable!” He finishes, “The head of the turbine wobbled, and we were told there was nothing to be done to correct that. Thanks to DC21, it is now perfectly balanced – fantastic engineering from Matthew and the team.”

Endurance Wind Turbine Overhauls for Farms and Smallholdings

50th Turbine Upgrade - Elliotts Eggs
3. 50th Turbine Upgrade – Elliotts Eggs

As Endurance wind turbine specialists, we provide top-quality maintenance, breakdown, monitoring, and overhaul services for farms and other agricultural facilities.

We recommend most E series Endurance turbines have a major overhaul every 7 – 10 years as several major components usually require repairing or replacing. We also advocate the overhaul of your nacelle in our workshop, rather than repairing defects piecemeal up-tower, as this is more cost-effective.

Don’t Let Wind Turbine Overhaul Costs Catch You Out

DC21 will provide you with a budget cost based on the expected work, with a comprehensive price list for many other components.

After your turbine has been stripped down, we provide a thorough report detailing any recommended additional work and replacement of parts, so you never have any nasty surprises.

Contact our team of specialists today, we are always happy to discuss any Endurance wind turbine issues you may be having and recommend your next course of action.

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